Call for Papers
Cooperative/non-cooperative communications
Identification and trust methodology
Information hiding
Security issues
Steganography, watermarking


    • 5G and 6G wireless communications
      Ad hoc, WSN, DTN, VANET
      Cognitive radio network
      Energy efficient communications and green networking
      M2M and MTC communications
      Mobile communication
      Multihop communications
      Small cell networks
      Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET)
      Wireless Ad-hoc and Mesh Network
      Wireless and communication network
      WLAN, WPAN
      Internet of things (IoT)


Future internet and network
Heterogeneous networks
Network architecture
Network interfaces
Network management
Network performance
Network protocols
Network reliability
Network security
Peer to peer security network intrusion, detection and prevention
QoE, QoS, SLA, and GoS
SDN and network virtualization
Security in high speed network
Smart and cooperative networks
Wireless network security