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ICICN 2020

The 2020 IEEE 8th International Conference on Information, Communication and Networks (ICICN 2020) was successfully held online from August 22 to 25, 2020.
ICICN is organized by Shaanxi Normal University, China, co-organized by Xi`an University of Posts & Telecommunications, China, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, supported by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Macau University of Science and Technology, China, Xi`an Jiaotong University, China, Xi'an University of Technology, China, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, Liaocheng University, China, and Scienece and Engineering Institute, USA, etc.
5 plenary speakers, 46 invite speakers delivered speeches, and 8 parallel sessions were held and conducted the latest research and technology exchanges on topics such as data and information engineering, intelligent computing and applications, communication principles and technologies, wireless communication, space communication wireless networks, micro/nano photonic devices and all-optical signal processing, quantum information and related quantum technologies etc. During this period, the live broadcasting through Bilibili, the highest audience reached 1700 people+.


2020 IEEE第八届信息,通信和网络国际会议(ICICN 2020)于2020年8月22日至25日在线上成功举办。

ICICN 2020由陕西师范大学主办,西安邮电大学,西北工业大学协办,由新加坡南洋理工大学,澳门科技大学,西安交通大学,西安理工大学,华中科技大学,聊城大学,美国科学工程学会等提供支持。

会议邀请到国内外多名知名专家在线报告。大会主讲报告专家5位,邀请报告专家46位,口头报告8个分会场。大会围绕数据与信息工程,智能计算与应用,通讯原理与技术, 无线通信,太空通讯 无线网络,微/纳米光子器件和全光信号处理,量子信息及相关量子技术等主题进行了最新研究技术交流与探讨。在此期间 通过哔哩哔哩同步直播,最高人气达到1700人+。



Accepted and presented papers have been published in IEEE proceedings with ISBN: 978-1-7281-8975-8. Online and included in IEEE Xplore. Successfully indexed by EI Compendex and SCOPUS.


Photo Gallery and Conference Schedule

Prof. Hairong Zheng, Dean of Graduate School, Shaanxi Normal University, China, made the opening and welcome address. And Prof. Xiaohui Li, Prof. Feng Li, Prof. Nankuang Chen hosted the section of keynote and invite speeches.


Then Prof. David Payne, University of Southampton, UK, Prof. Kenneth Grattan FREng, City University London, UK, Prof. Alexey Kavokin, Westlake University, China, and Prof. Chao Lu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China, Prof. Xizheng Ke, Xi'an University of Technology, China delivered keynote speeches.

此次我们有幸邀请到作为皇家学会会士和皇家工程院院士,富兰克林研究所本杰明·富兰克林奖章获得者,来自英国南安普敦大学的David   Payne教授,教授在此次会议做了‘ Silica and Silicon: The ultimate photonic materials’相关内容的演讲以及研究分享。


帝国理工学院院士,英国皇家工程学院研究chair, 英国物理学会会士,计量与控制协会会士,来自英国伦敦大学城市学院的Kenneth Grattan FREng教授来会做报告,报告题目: Optical fiber sensors: better solutions for Challenging   Industrial Measurement Problems?


西湖大学的Alexey Kavokin教授前来分享研究,主讲题目为:Qubits Based on Split-Ring Condensates of Exciton Polaritons。


香港理工大学的Chao Lu教授,同为《光学快报》和《中国光学快报》副主编, 分享了关于Optical Communication Systems: Current Status and Future Perspectives的报告。


陕西省教学名师,中国电子学会会士,中国光学工程学会理事,陕西省光学学会常务理事,西安理工大学的柯熙政教授, 对于主题为“Experimental study on 100km free space coherent optical   communication”的相关研究做出了深入的剖析。


More than 46 invited speakers and 50 authors shared the latest research results, theories, and conducted in-depth discussions. Exchanged ideas on information and communication network and other related topics.
ICICN 2020邀请到46位邀请报告人和50多为作者前来分享最新研究成果,探讨最新研究理论,对信息,通讯网络相关主题的最新研究思路进行了深入的探讨与交流!

N098-Research on Computer Aided Detection and Segmentation of Pulmonary Nodules Based on Deep Learning and Generative Adversarial Networks

Ziming Wang, Northeastern University, China


N121- Research on Risk Assessment Technology of Power Monitoring System based on Machine Learning

Hao Wang, Beijing Kedong Electric Power Control System Co., Ltd., China


N138-Robust Resource Division Multiplexing in Highly Time-varying Channels

Weijia Han, Shaanxi Normal University, China


N104-Distributed mmWave Massive MIMO: a Performance Comparison with a Centralized Architecture for Various Degrees of Hybridization

Yu Zhao, Eindhoven University of Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands


N108-A Bayesian Probabilistic AOA Localization Algorithm

Zhenyu Zhang, Beihang University, China


N119-Research and Implement of Just-In-Time Dual Buffer-Queues in LoRaWAN Gateways

Jia Wang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China


N144-Research on Anti-jamming Algorithm of BDS Signal in WiFi6 Environment

Qiliang Chen, Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute, China


FP2-8007-A Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Antibody Properties

Ikram Asghar, University of South Wales, Pontypridd, United Kingdom




Zinan Wang Jianping Li Tianshu Wang
Nan-Kuang Chen Xia Yu Xiaoping Lu
Bao Ge Qinglin Zhao Zhanqiang Hui
Feng Li Yin Cai Liang Wang
Junhui Zhao Chunfeng Wang Xiaoguang Zhang